36 ROLLS <br> (2 mo. supply*)
36 ROLLS <br> (2 mo. supply*)

(2 mo. supply*)

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NOTE: Our 36 Roll boxes are currently backordered but on the way! These boxes will ship no later than June 24th.

Made entirely from soft, organic, fast-growing plant fibers. Stronger, more absorbent, made without the use of harsh chemicals. And featuring our signature dot matrix pattern.

Leaves No Trace

Toilet paper is supposed to leave you feeling clean, but is yours really getting the job done? Even the softest, strongest tree paper pills, shreds and tears, leaving unwanted artifact behind. Plant Paper’s silky, strong fibers, along with its unique dimpled pattern, means it performs better and leaves nothing behind.

Contains No Chemicals

Turning hard wood into soft paper isn't easy. It requires 37 gallons of water per roll, and a gallon of toxic chemicals like bleach and formaldehyde. These chemicals poison our waterways and accumulate in our bodies, leading to UTIs, hemorrhoids and fissures.   Plant Paper uses soft, resilient plant pulp that requires less processing and no harsh chemicals or bleach, making it softer on you and the environment.

Harms No Trees

27,000 trees per day get flushed down the world’s toilets. This results in an irreversible loss of animal habitat, destruction of the world’s most important carbon sinks, and soil erosion.  Plant Paper is derived exclusively from fast-growing, renewable sources of plant pulp.


PlantPAPER’s plastic wrapper is
oxo-degradable, recyclable and compostable. A set of mineral salts known as d2w are added to the plastic to help break down the molecular chains within the polymer, allowing the material to self-destruct in the presence of oxygen on land or in the water. As it degrades, it leaves no heavy metals and—importantly—does not emit methane. The material is converted into water and humus by naturally-occurring bacteria and fungi, thus completing the material’s life cycle.

PlantPAPER is shipped in 100% recycled cardboard.